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Neighborhoods of Focus

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Primary neighborhoods of focus for the Livable Streets Coalition

The Livable Streets Coalition was originally formed as an advisory group of six neighborhoods:

  • Ellwood Park

  • Highlandtown

  • McElderry Park

  • Patterson Park Neighborhood

  • CARE Community

  • Butchers Hill

  • Washington Hill

These neighborhoods are bounded by Highland Avenue, Broadway, Madison Street and Fayette Street. This original focus area has four parks: Bocek, Ellwood, Library Square and Patterson Park. In addition, four public schools - and thousands of young schoolchildren - are affected by the harmful street conditions in this focus area. Johns Hopkins Medical Center , where tens of thousands of people work, borders the northeast edge of the focus area. Finally, three important retail areas are included: Northeast Market, the Highland Avenue strip mall, and Broadway.

Focus Area Characteristics

  • The Community Statistical Areas affected are: Patterson Park North & East; Highlandown; Old Town Middle East; and Madison East End.

  • Approximately 37,000 people live in these CSA. Of those, approximately 19,000 (50%) are African American and 5,290 (13%) are Latinx.

Source: Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance BNIA Vital Signs Report 2017

It is possible that the Coalition may grow beyond its original focus area to include other neighborhoods. That would be welcome! For the moment, the group will continue its focus on the area bounded from Madison to Fayette, and Highland Avenue to Broadway.

- Delegate Robbyn Lewis

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