Help Create More Livable Streets

Join us and help create more livable streets in Baltimore! Participation is voluntary. 

Residents of the original focus area neighborhoods in the Fayette/Orleans/Madison/Monument corridor are encouraged to get involved. In addition, because so many people all around the city have expressed interest in Livable Streets, the Coalition is expanding! If you live in Baltimore City, you are welcome to join us!

Other stakeholders, such as nonprofit organizations, schools, small businesses, faith organizations and others are also invited.

Based on the interests of Coalition members, the Coalition will carry out activities such as discussions, training, design sessions or “charettes”, walking audits, transit audits, bike audits, public art projects, clean-ups, and more! In light of the COVID pandemic, our activities will be appropriately socially distanced.


At all times, we will work closely with city agencies like the Baltimore City Department of Transportation, in order to achieve our goals.

Where Are Current Community Members From?

Let's Create A Safer, Healthier Baltimore!

Livable Streets Coalition

The Livable Streets Advisory Coalition is a network of residents and stakeholders working to improve quality of life by slowing traffic, increasing pedestrian safety and strengthening collaboration across racial, language, economic and neighborhood boundaries.


Phone: 410-929-0555

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