Livable Streets in the Local Media


August 18, 2020

Del. Robbyn Lewis discusses building on the momentum of Slow Streets ... with her newly formed coalition Livable Streets. 


The group promotes ‘people first’ street design in African American and Latino neighborhoods in Baltimore.



May 04, 2020

Baltimore Mayor Young closes more roads around Lake Montebello to promote exercise during coronavirus pandemic

Del. Robbyn Lewis, a Democrat who represents Southeast Baltimore’s District 46 and a self-described transit and mobility activist, applauses the mayor’s announcement.

The Baltimore Sun


July 24, 2020

Del. Robbyn Lewis helps create community coalition to make Baltimore’s streets more ‘livable’

Lewis said she hopes that the Livable Streets Coalition can  create “safer, more pedestrian-friendly, human-centred streets” in Baltimore.

“White supremacy is baked into the bricks of our buildings,” she said. “It’s mixed into the concrete and asphalt that we pour. It’s our duty to un-build those things and that’s what I hope this coalition can begin to do.”

Baltimore Fishbowl


April 28, 2020

Baltimore residents and local officials want to close some streets to cars and open them to exercise

The idea of Slow Streets has been endorsed by one of Baltimore City’s state Delegates, Robbyn Lewis of the 46th District.

Greater Greater Washington


June 22, 2020

‘A lifeline of hope’: Black Lives Matter painted on street in Baltimore’s Patterson Park

“We’re all hungry for signs that there’s hope for us, as a city, as a people, as a nation,” she [Del. Robbyn Lewis] said.

The Baltimore Sun

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